Monday, July 27, 2015

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Decision To Follow Jesus

I have had to make the decision to either let my hate consume me or follow Jesus and release that hate into his hands, I have decided to follow Jesus and release my hate into his loving hands. As a Skinhead I still love my Country and the Working Class but I am going to also let the love of Christ temper my attitude and remember my beliefs may not be yours. That should not bring a response of hate and violence but one of love and understanding. I am going to channel my energy into loving people and fighting fights of words. Standing up against the political climate of tolerance for all things except for those things that the fore fathers deemed important. Loving God, Freedom, Liberty and Justice for all men. I am a Follower of Christ, an American, and a Skinhead last. Loving God and being a Patriot!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What I Stand For And Fight Against

I am an Non-Fascist American Skinhead that loves God and Country. I believe in truth and liberty. I think our country is great but the Government has lost it's way is preying off the working class to fund the Political Machine. More Laws and More Cops and Less Freedom. Whatever happened to Innocent Until Proven Guilty! That has been lost in the shuffle of the new laws and regulations. We now have a climate of us against them. Enforcement now comes with the price You Are Guilty Unless You Have Enough Money To Buy Innocence. Working Class People Need To Stand In Unity and FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT against the erosion of our rights and grab onto what the fore fathers designed and outlined in the Constitution. WE THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE!!!!!